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The target of the structural adjustment of the pharmaceutical industry has been made clear

1. Further standardize the production and circulation order of essential drugs, promote the merger and reorganization of essential drug manufacturers, promote the concentration of essential drug production to superior enterprises, encourage them to adopt new technologies and equipment for technological transformation, and improve the quality and supply guarantee capacity of essential drugs. The market share of the top 20 enterprises in the sales volume of the main varieties of essential drugs should reach more than 80%, so as to realize the large-scale and intensive production of essential drugs.

2. In the field of chemical drugs, we will develop innovative drugs to meet the prevention and treatment needs of major and multiple diseases in China’s disease spectrum, and strive for the industrialization of more than 10 drugs with independent intellectual property rights.

3. In the field of biotechnology drugs, we should keep pace with the rapid development of biotechnology in the world, research and develop genetic engineering drugs and antibody drugs for prevention and treatment of malignant tumors, digestive system diseases, AIDS and immune deficiency diseases, intensify the research and development of new vaccines for infectious diseases, and strive for more than 15 new biotech drugs to be put on the market.

4. In the field of traditional Chinese medicine, we should attach equal importance to inheritance and innovation, learn from the development experience of international natural medicine, accelerate the secondary research and development of Chinese patent medicine, give priority to the development of drugs in the treatment field with the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, and cultivate more than 50 modern Chinese medicine with definite curative effect, clear material basis, clear mechanism of action and stable and controllable quality.

5. In the field of medical devices, we will promote the localization of core components and key technologies for medical imaging, surgical implantation, in vitro diagnostic reagents and other products with great clinical demand and wide application, and cultivate more than 200 advanced medical equipment with independent intellectual property rights, mastering core technology, reaching the international advanced level and sales revenue of more than 10 million yuan.

2、 Adjust the technical structure

1. In the field of chemical drugs, we should promote the application of membrane separation, new crystallization, biotransformation, and other raw material drug technologies, and use genetic engineering and cell engineering technology to construct new strains or transform the production strains of antibiotics, vitamins, amino acids, and other products, so as to improve the quality and yield, save energy, reduce emissions and reduce costs. To strengthen the application of new preparation technologies in drug development, such as sustained-release and controlled-release, transdermal absorption, mucosal drug delivery, and targeted drug delivery.

2. In the field of biotechnological drugs, we will focus on large-scale and high-throughput gene cloning and protein expression, humanization of antibodies and preparation of human antibodies, new vaccine adjuvants, large-scale cell culture, and protein purification. We should accelerate the development of new biotechnological drug preparations with high bioactivity, good stability, and a long half-life for oral and pulmonary administration.

3. In the field of traditional Chinese medicine, we should speed up the application of modern technology in the production of traditional Chinese medicine, promote advanced extraction, drying, preparation, and process quality control technology, and focus on the development of dynamic extraction, microwave extraction, ultrasonic extraction, supercritical fluid extraction, membrane separation, macroporous resin adsorption, multi-effect concentration and so on Vacuum belt drying, microwave drying, spray drying and other advanced technologies with high efficiency, low energy consumption, and low carbon emissions. We should establish and improve the standards and norms for the cultivation and production of traditional Chinese medicine, and popularize and apply the quality control technology of traditional Chinese medicine combining the determination of multi-component content of traditional Chinese medicine and the overall component control of fingerprint. The development of modern Chinese medicine preparations, combined with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, focuses on the development of new dosage forms suitable for the characteristics of the product itself.

4. Promote the informatization construction of the pharmaceutical industry and create a drug and medical device research and development platform based on information technology. We should speed up the construction of management information systems in pharmaceutical enterprises, expand the application scope of computer control technology in production, and improve the level of enterprise management and quality control. To improve the digital level of key and core medical devices.

3、 Adjust the organizational structure

Through the support of the superior and the survival of the fittest in the market competition, the scale economy level and industrial concentration of enterprises have been significantly improved. The number of pharmaceutical enterprises has been significantly reduced. The sales revenue of the top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises accounts for more than 50% of the sales revenue of the whole industry, forming a number of large enterprise groups with international competitiveness and a strong driving effect on the development of the industry. Support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the direction of “specialization, refinement, specialty, and innovation”, and form a pattern of division of labor, cooperation, and coordinated development between large-scale enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises.

4、 Adjust the regional structure

The eastern coastal developed areas make full use of the advantages of technology, capital, talents, brands, and marketing channels, track the most advanced international technology, focus on the development of high-tech products with high technology content, high added value, and low resource consumption, so as to form three comprehensive pharmaceutical production bases of “Yangtze River Delta”, “Pearl River Delta” and “Bohai Rim” in line with international standards.

5、 Adjust the export structure

Accelerate the transformation of export growth mode, seize the opportunity of the rapid growth of World generic drug market, expand pharmaceutical product export, especially increase sales to major world pharmaceutical markets such as the United States, Europe, and Japan. We should screen pharmaceutical products with comparative advantages, speed up international registration and international certification of production quality system, establish international marketing channels, and cultivate independent brands. We will support qualified enterprises to “go out” and invest overseas to set up pharmaceutical factories and directly face end customers.