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The medical industry may grow tenfold in the future, and telemedicine is the direction

With Ma Yun’s large-scale merger and acquisition of various traditional enterprises and the approach of Alibaba’s IPO, this enterprise with a market value of more than 1 trillion yuan is causing more and more people’s thinking. Why can Ali be invincible? What is the future of China’s industries and enterprises?

“The gross profit of most Chinese enterprises is very low, because the price is very low due to overcapacity. Gross profit is 1%, even no profit, this kind of situation is everywhere. However, some enterprises still have great development. For example, Ali has a market value of more than one trillion yuan after it is listed. Does China’s state-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises, together, have companies with a market value of more than one trillion yuan? No! Tencent’s market value is close to trillion yuan. New innovations driven by mobile Internet and big data have become new growth points. ” At the 2014 Sohu financial summer summit held recently, Liu Yonghao, chairman of new hope group, said.

“In the next ten years, can the automobile industry grow tenfold? Absolutely impossible! It is possible to double the growth rate; can the real estate industry increase 10 times? Absolutely impossible! Can the clothing industry increase 10 times? Absolutely not! What else can grow tenfold? It is possible to build a sales system based on big data and cloud computing.” Liu Yonghao pointed out that the healthcare system based on mobile Internet and big data cloud computing is likely to grow tenfold, and the development pattern of the catering industry, tourism industry, and cultural industry under the new situation is also likely to grow tenfold.

Based on the above judgment, Liu Yonghao disclosed: “We have invested in telemedicine, which includes hardware and software. More importantly, we have reached agreements with many hospitals and have done a lot of work in telemedicine. This is the direction of the future.”

According to public information, in November 2013, Liu Yonghao and Feng Lun established the strategic alliance of China’s medical and health industry (hereinafter referred to as “medical and Health Alliance”). In April 2014, New Hope Group invested 100 million yuan to acquire 19.5% shares of Huaxia Medical, a listed company in Hong Kong, China; in May 2014, new hope’s health care investment contributed nearly 200 million yuan, becoming the second-largest shareholder of Zhejiang haoluowei Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

According to the data, since the founding of the Federation of medical and health care, the first 14 founding members have more than 1000 medical institutions and hospitals, covering mobile Internet medicine, medical logistics, medical investment, pension real estate, etc.