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Launching of medical quality management activities

People’s satisfaction with medical treatment is a hot issue of concern to the whole society. We will launch and deploy medical quality management activities with the theme of “improving the quality of medical services and creating a hospital of people’s satisfaction”.

Hainan Provincial Department of health will allocate special funds to create 60 provincial “people’s satisfaction demonstration hospitals”, 60 provincial “high quality nursing service demonstration hospitals” and 190 provincial “high quality nursing service demonstration wards” in various medical institutions at all levels in the province, with emphasis on public medical institutions.

The primary task of medical and health system reform is to solve the basic medical security of the people, and ultimately solve the problem of expensive and difficult medical treatment for the masses through the reform, so as to make the people satisfied and safe.

To improve the quality of medical care through institutional constraints. According to the requirements of “basic specification of electronic medical record” and “notice on pilot work of electronic medical record” issued by the Ministry of health, combined with the health digital project in Hainan Province, the construction and clinical application of electronic medical record system are gradually started and standardized.

During the meeting, the provincial blood center also set up a temporary blood donation center. Leaders of Hainan Provincial Department of health and hospital president actively participated in the voluntary blood donation.