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China’s blood safety supply level ranks first in the world

At the monthly regular press conference held by the national health and Family Planning Commission on October 10, Zhou Changqiang, deputy director of the medical administration bureau of the national health and Family Planning Commission, introduced that the “2016 national blood safety and supply report” recently released by the World Health Organization showed that China’s blood safety supply level was in the forefront of the world. At present, only 24% of the countries in the world have carried out blood nucleic acid testing, among which China is one of them. In blood testing, the positive rate of human immunodeficiency virus and other viruses is only 0.17%, which has entered the ranks of middle and high-income countries.

“2016 national blood safety and supply report” also pointed out that at present, China’s clinical rational blood use has improved significantly, and the clinical component transfusion rate has reached 99.6%, which is higher than the average level of 97% in high-income countries. The blood scrap rate was 5.95%, lower than the average level of 6.7% in middle and high-income countries. In addition, China’s unpaid blood donation rate has continued to rise, achieving a rare continuous growth in the world for nearly 20 years. The number of unpaid blood donors and blood collection volume ranked first in the world. The voluntary blood donation rate reached 96.3%, exceeding the average level of 95% in high-income countries.

At this news conference, the reporter also learned that the scale of China’s floating population in 2016 was 245 million, 1.71 million less than that at the end of last year. This is the second consecutive year that China’s total floating population has declined. The report was released by the national health and Planning Commission in 2017.